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                                                         'Sun Dreams'
A mockumentary style comedy. The film follows the madcap adventures of brothers Ray and Charles and their father ‘The Sun King’ (Paul Hughes) as they try to maintain their tanning shops ‘Sun Dreams’ without going bankrupt in the process.
                                                        'Rap Grandpa'

                                                             Playing one of the lead roles, 'Alfred'

'When a grumpy old lady with no joy for life receives an eviction notice, she makes a deal with her archenemy - an alcoholic failed rapper - in order to win a TV talent show that will save their building and put their lives back on track'.

                            Filming is due to begin in 2020. Check IMDb link above for full cast details.

                                                   'The Dark Field'
       Most excited to be a part of this Iternationally cast feature which is due to commence filming in 2020.

Check IMDb link above for full cast detail

​                                                   'Tied to the Vicarage'
Back on stage January 2019 playing the 'Bishop' at the renowned Tabard theatre with sell out evenings commonplace the reviews were most encouraging. 'Paul Hughes is a familiar face from film and television, he is superb as the quizzical Bishop and gives the production an air of gravitas''.   

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