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…Walter is the principal character and you've made him very believable and relatable. Your performance is probably the most multi-dimensional as he goes through a transformation in an 'in depth' mature way. Your performance was absolutely excellent…’

                                           Natasha Pikoul, Executive Producer, 'Doll#195'

'Paul Hughes, as the Bishop, and a delivery man, is a familiar face from film and television. He is superb as the quizzical Bishop and gives the production an air of gravitas''

                                       Susan Stanley Carroll, Chiswick Press

"When I first saw Paul at audition for my short film 'Night Drive' I had no doubts he would get the role. Paul is a very talented actor and an inspiring, highly creative and positive person. I worked with him on a number of productions and it is always a pleasure to have him around. I look forward to working with him again."

                                        Ella Gancarz - Director and Producer


"Paul is one of the most talented and giving actors I've worked with. He beat out thousands of actors to play the king in our movie. He literally saved our film through his courage in North Africa - he would have made David Lean proud!"

Timothy A. Chey – Award winning Hollywood Director, Producer & Writer, ‘David & Goliath’

"Paul is a very talented actor with a beautiful voice. He takes direction instantly and perfectly and also provides helpful alternatives to his character. He is very quick improvising situations: during the casting (his character a TV Show Host) he jumped up from the seat and started pointing at imaginary screens, it was awesome. He's also a very friendly, active and funny person, so shooting with him was something really easy and fun to do. I hope to work with him in the future."

Jesus Diez Perez - Director of 'In A Dream'

"Paul is a wonderful actor full of warmth and genuine life experience. He's passionate and driven to keep learning while also being great presence back stage"

Sebastien Louis Blanc, Theatrical Director and three times nominated for ‘Off West End’ awards

"With Paul I don't see acting, I see genuine truth in the character he plays.  Without a stitch or hint of 'acting' his portrayals are seamless and incredibly real. An audience can connect because of the comfort and ease of his riveting performances; they believe who he is, because he believes who he is playing. That is no simple feat."

Sam Sandora, President at Sandora Productions. Inc.

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