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Paul Hughes

London, United Kingdom

Height: 6’ - 1”
Weight: 85Kgs
Playing age: 57 - 70
Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Fair

Beard: Grey goatee

Paul Hughes 03.jpg
Feature Film

'David' - 'Just One Last Thing', Dizzy Films,  Alex Gillespie, London (2023)

'Brian' - 'Us or Them', UOT Film Productions, Tom Paton, Selby, Yorkshire (2022)

'Ronnie' -'The Winter Witch', Wiseowl Films, Richard Taylor, London (2022)

'Radio Announcer' - 'Alive', No Raging Primitives Productions, David Marantz, Surrey (2021)

'Doctor Adelekun' - 'Only Love Matters', KQ Movies, Kamran Qureshi, London & India (2021)

'Karl' - 'The Dark  Field', Buffalo Speedway Film Company/USA , Tony London, Germany (2020)

'Alfred' - 'Rap Grandpa', Pictures Plus Productions, Jesus Diez Perez (2020)

'Inspector Lestrade' - 'The Doctors Case', D-Mented Ent., Mike Roberts, North Carolina (2019)

'Deacon Samuel' - 'Street Blood', Quillans Multimedia Film Productions, Faith Elizabeth (2019)

'Professor George' - 'The Lovers', Black Death Films, Shalisha Bynoe, USA (2018)

'Dr. Marsh' - 'Day Rises, I Fall', 24Media Productions, Michal Friedrich, Poland (2017)

'MIT Professor' - 'Passage Of My Youth', Scene Productions, Janet Chun Siu-Jan, London (2016)

'King Saul' - 'David & Goliath', River Rain Productions, Timothy A. Chey, Tunisia (2015)
'Dave' - 'London Latino', MMI Productions, Mateo Manaure, London (2014)
'Jonathan' - 'M.O.N.E.Y', PB Visions, Theo Bahannack, London (2013)


General American & Southern States





London, RP

Short Film

'Walter' - 'Doll#195', ML & AR Film Productions, Martin Lloyd & Anja Ramarosono (2023)

'George' - 'Over My Time', Kuba Films, Ashley Morgan, (2022)

'Art Collector' - 'Mind Over Matter', Mindless Intelligence Productions, Paul Cheung (2020)

'Sun King' - 'Sun Dreams', Slow Play Productions, David Bryan (2019)

'Taxi Driver' - 'Night Drive', Delight Films, Ella Gancarz (2016)

'Frank' - 'Amy's Audition', Servini Films, Riccardo Servini (2015)

'Landlord' -'Behind The Wall', Aldemar Productions, Pietro Cinieri (2015)

'Mr Clark' - 'The Voice', Pattern Maker Films, Neilson Black (2015)

'Talk Show Host' - 'In a Dream', Move It Films, Jesus Diez & Dan Matley (2013)

'Papa' - 'The Hunted', Sinister House Films, Lance Patrick (2013)

'Warren Wallace' - 'Down in the Third', MSB Films, Michael Brooks (2012)

'Vulcan' - 'Tea & Crumpets', RRR Productions, Rohan Green (2012)

'Irvine' - 'Fire Express', Restless Oblivion, Justinas Vabuolas (2011)

'Scientist' - 'Look Before You Leap', NEWECW Productions, Michael St. John Savva (2011)

'Paul' - 'Jethro', London Film Academy, Vini Curtis (2011)

'Mysterious Stranger' - 'Lost Night', LFS, Yoonseuk Back (2011)

'Grumpy Old Man' - 'Dry Martini', LFS/National Gallery, Vincent Weiler (2011)

'Photographer' - 'Forever Strangers', MSB Film, Michael Brooks (2011)

Canoe, Croquet, Cycling, Golf, Karting, Rowing, Table Tennis, Yoga.

Aerial Work, Improvisation, Writer


Accent Implementation, Elspeth Morrison

General American Accent, Catherine Weate

Meisner Technique, Sebastien Blanc

Shakespeare Monologues, David Rowan

Screen & Stage Intensive, City Lit

Noel Coward Masterclass, Stephen Unwin

Plus...regular attendance at The Actors Centre for various workshops...


'Stooge' - 'Pantoland At The Palladium', Michael Harrison, Crossroads Ltd, London Palladium (2021/2022)

'Bishop' - 'Tied to the Vicarage', Leo Michael, Leo Michael Production, Tabard Theatre (2019)

'Nobleman' - 'Romeo & Juliet', Birmingham Royal Ballet, Sadlers Wells (2018)

'Gandhi' - 'The Man Who Lost His Mind', 11:11 Productions, The White Bear Theatre (2014)

'Shamrayev' - 'The Seagull', Sebastien Blanc, The White Bear Theatre (2013)

'Detective' - 'I Am The Way', oneACTS, Paul Hughes, CornerHouse Theatre (2013)

'Immigration Officer' - 'Resolutions', Local Group, Jose Campos, The Place Theatre (2012)

'Mr Reynolds' - 'Limbo', Wired To The Moon Productions, Etcetera Theatre (2011)

'George Harrison' - 'Counterfeit', oneACTS, John O' Driscoll, CornerHouse Theatre (2011)

'Ensemble' - 'Evita' - The Really Useful Group, Bill Kenwright, Wimbledon Theatre (2010)

'Singer' - BBC Music Awards - Lukas Graham '7 Years' - Dan Shipton (2016)

'Pathologist' -S. Korean TV Science Documentary, 이재혁,KBNe UK (2015)

'The Exorcist' - 'Megaten' - NTV Channel (Japan), Yuichi Nakazato (2012)

'Tony Mirra' - 'Mafia's Greatest Hits', World Media Rights, Ned Parker (2012)

'Presenting' - 'Dinner Date', Hat Trick Productions, Christian Kehoe (2011)


'Hipster' - Tenterhook / What I Like, Roland Walters, Zoya Films (2015)

'Office Manager' - Villagers / Nothing Arrived, Domino Records, Alden Volney (2012)

'Police Investigator' - Redzz / Prisoner, RedMusicUk Records, Redzz/Sal Warner filmed by Elmino (2012)

'Ageing Rocker' - Cidadao Instigado Project, Granada Films Brazil, Lourenço Barsi-Gomes (2012)

Music Video



'Market Vinyl Merchant' - SumUp, Matt Simpson, Ekstasy Productions, London (2019)

'Man on Date' - Huggle, 'String Along', Adam Townsend, Cavalier Productions, (2017)

'John' - KISS FM - 'The Forest', Sacha Khari, Bauer Media (2016)

'Rugby Player' - Aviva ITV Rugby Promotion, Alex Kyrou, Perform Media (2015)

'Tom Baker' - 'Doctor Who: 50 Years', Matt LosassoRed Bee Media (2013)
'University Lecturer' - Citroen DS3 Cabrio 'Premium Car Wash', Andy Carrol/Performance PR (2013)
'Coffee Shop Owner' - Magna Carta College, Daniel Perez Vidal, Go Wild Films (2012)
'Olympic Darts Player' - Eurostar, Paul MurphyBlack Dog Productions (2012)



'Charlie' - RCP002 - Career Projection, Liquona Ltd, Katie Oliver, London (2021)

'Legal Supervisor' - University of Law, Jade Alexander, London (2021)

'Patient' - Virtual Patient Learning, LifeLike, Andrea Somavilla, Milan (2017)

'Machine Operator' - Factory Safety, LifeLike Intreraction, Giulio Tavarnesi (2015)

'Mr O'Rourke' - Gastrointestinal Ulcers, Smile-On, Valerie Dougall (2014)

'Bank Customer' - RBS, The Broadcast Business, Ed Rolfe (2013)

'Tim' - CILA, Spada, Gavin Ingham Brooke (2012)

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